5 different liquid soaps, the purest liquid soaps, with the shortest ingredients and highest quality, each has its own unique scent and feature, to be liked by someone, in travel size.


Go with it!



Bottle size: Φ 45 x 105 mm, 100 ml in a bottle, 5 bottles in a carton

Package dimension: 235x115x50mm


Descriptions, Formulas, Use instructions and Certifications for the 5 liquid soaps:


Argan-Fleur d'Oranger liquid soap

Almond liquid soap

Citrus liquid soap

Lavender liquid soap 

Pure Olive liquid soap 

Set of 5 Liquid Soaps - Pure Olive, Lavender, Citrus, Argan & Orange Tree Blossom, Almond 5x100ml

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