This collection includes 3 unique liquid soaps delights our senses with its special scents.


Argan-Fleur d'Orange Liquid Soap:


The incomparable scent of Fleur d'Oranger, perfectly restored from the molecules of organic essential oils, is an ode to femininity: A sunny harmony where the orange tree blossom scent brings a hint of sensuality, a hint of Mediterranean softness into this liquid soap.


The organic argan oil used in this soap is cold pressed - Non greasy, fast absorbing, long lasting moisture on skin, ideal for frequent hand wash.



Almond Liquid Soap:


In most of the cases, the almond scent in the food or cosmetic product is from its synthetic substitute – benzaldehyde. The real bitter almond essential oil is very expensive because it is complex to remove hydrocyanic acid, which is extremely toxic. 


Yes, the precious organic almond perfume without toxicity is in this almond liquid soap, to give a real thick, pure and sweet almond scent. It will remind children and adults of the pleasant aroma of Marzipan or almond desserts.


The Almond Liquid Soap is a perfect addition to your bathroom. The Almond aroma of our liquid soap will bring you back to childhood nostalgia. Ideal for the whole family.


Citrus Liquid Soap


The blend of the unique green mandarin essential oils with sweet orange essential oils brings a unique refreshing and sweet Mediterranean breeze to our Citrus Liquid Soap. Take a fresh and relaxing breath while washing hands or body.


SKIN: All skin types

AGE: All ages

APPLICATIONS: Hand, body, face wash. Men's short hair

SCENT: Natural Citrus scent




Package dimension: 210x215x75mm

Bottle size : Φ 69 x 200 mm, 500 ml in a bottle; 3 bottles in a box.




Argan-Fleur d'Orange Liquid Soap


Almond Liquid Soap


Citrus Liquid Soap

Set of 3 Liquid Soaps - Argan & Orange Tree Blossom, Almond, Citrus 3 x 500ml

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