5 Remedies for Winter Dry Skin

5 Remedies for Winter Dry Skin - TRIVESA SRL

If your skin suffers the cold, you’ll be happy to know that there are some very effective remedies for winter dry skin.

It’s a fact. As soon as winter begins the skin starts to crack and become dry. It the winter’s curse. You can cover all you want, but it won’t go away.

Which is why so many people give in to using lots of industrial products. However, to apply so many chemicals to your body can’t be good.

But don’t worry. You actually don’t need chemicals to fight the cold. Follow these healthy and simple solutions.

Find out the best natural remedies for winter dry skin

Avoid very hot baths and showers

We know the temptation of taking a super-hot bath in winter is big. However, if you are suffering from winter dry skin, you might want to skip that.

Unfortunately, scalding temperature water dries your skin even more. It breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, making it loose moisture. To avoid this, you should be happy with warm water.

Moisturize with an organic cream

Moisturizing is vital in winter. So, as one of the remedies for winter dry skin, make an organic cream your new best friend.

Keep your skin moist all-day. In particular, moisturize right after you’ve taken a bath or a shower. As well as before going out in the cold.

Use only delicate and organic soap

When it comes to skincare, no one loves your skin more than nature. That is why you should only use organic soap to wash it.

Certified organic soaps like Écrin de Fleur are made with plant-based ingredients and no chemicals. This makes them incredibly more delicate on the skin compared to industrial products.

Hence, they cleanse your skin without removing important moisture.

Take an oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is not only good for breakfast. It has been used to treat dry skin for thousands of years (as far back as 2000 B.C.). And for good reasons: it provides many benefits to the skin.

Oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory properties, fats and saponins. Thanks to these elements, it soothes, moisturizes and cleanses the skin. Plus, due to its texture it’s also a good exfoliant.


Don’t forget your lips

We can’t talk about remedies for winter dry skin without mentioning your lips. Unfortunately, they are another casualty of the cold.

To treat your lips, you can start with a natural lip balm. As for soaps and other skincare products, it’s always recommendable to use certified organic products. They’re simply more delicate and healthy.

Another best practice to have beautiful lips even in winter, is to brush them regularly. For example, you can use a toothbrush (preferably not too hard).

Apply these simple remedies for winter dry skin to your skincare routine and you’ll be able to enjoy the cold season.

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