The brand and philosophy
Inspired by beauty.
Restored by nature.

We believe that true beauty is simple and that everything our skin needs to be healthy, balanced and radiant can be found in nature. After all, the greatest gift we can give our body is a commitment to caring for it well, and Écrin de Fleur skin products are like a treasure box of botanical essences to celebrate your skin with clean elegance and gratitude.

Nature’s remedies are all around us, you just have to know where to begin. Our story begins in the south of France where we first fell in love with the traditional method of French soap making. An ancient process dating back centuries and using only natural, organic ingredients, this revered practice of crafting high-quality soaps is the foundation of Ecrin de Fleur and the art by which we now share nature’s many gifts with you.

Our logo is the Tree of Life, which dates back to 7000 B.C. and is significant for many different cultures around the world. It represents nature’s eternal cycle and the everlasting gift of life.

Purpose and Vision

We work with organic farms to choose the best natural ingredients for our products. We only collaborate with artisanal manufacturers in France whose production methods retain the essences of these botanical ingredients and use no synthetic chemicals or additives.

Our vision for all of our skin products is that they be simple, pure and superb. We invite our customers to step into nature and delight their senses with these finely-crafted, environmentally-conscious products.

Écrin de Fleur aims to help build a world that respects nature and interacts with her sustainably and harmoniously. Through the work we do, our purpose is to always lead by example.

Why produce in France

France has a commitment to deindustrialization, protects organic farming and promotes natural methods of production. Its dedication to traditional craftsmanship also makes France a unique place to produce high quality, organic products.

France has many cosmetics professionals, labs, and organic ingredients readily available, and its famous bureaucratic “red tape” actually serves to protect an orderly, healthy development of the cosmetics industry. As a result, all of our skin products have received the Medicine Diploma from a toxicologist who evaluates the safety of our ingredients.

About the Company and Partners

Trivesa SRL is based in Milan, the world’s pinnacle city for fashion and art, and an ideal source of inspiration for Ecrin de Fleur’s creative marketing and design teams.

We collaborate with cosmetic laboratories in France who specialize in organic cosmetics, and our manufacturing partners are all artisanal Savonniers primarily based in the south of France. We connect all of these enthusiastic partners together which allows them to focus on the time-consuming process of their natural production methods. We then transport these products all over the world through inventory and
logistic centers in Paris, Italy, Germany, Spain, U.K, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Ecocert Greenlife S.A. audits, approves and renews our organic certification on a yearly basis and almost all of our skin products have been approved by the highly respected N.G.O. Nature et Progres.