How we started
"Laurence, can you give us some advice?"

I asked Laurence this question every time I planned our family holidays to France. She was a colleague of mine in the Netherlands at the time, but she’s originally from Brittany and was always very detailed and precise when it came to recommendations about her home country.

“You must go to Sault in Luberon to see the lavender fields; it’s not as crowded as Valensole. Then be sure to see Gordes, the most beautiful village in Provence and perhaps all of France! Here is a list of the workshops with EPV labels nearby where you’ll find good quality, traditional French products. Oh, and for the best baguette, you have to ask the bakery for ‘baguette tradition’ or they’ll just give you a normal baguette."

Laurence always wanted us to enjoy the very best of France.

In 2015 my family went to Aix-en-Provence for a holiday which is one of Laurence's favorite towns and her dream place for retirement. She told us to try calissons nougat, a delicious French candy, and to buy soaps made in the traditional method (savon saponifié à froid).

We were certainly not disappointed with either, and my family and I have now been using cold process soaps made by artisanal Savonniers ever since!

While we loved the natural, organic quality of the soaps, we never expected the difference they would make for our skin.

I was amazed when my skin was no longer dry or itchy in the winter months so I began to do some research and learned about the many synthetic chemicals that are so often found in other soaps, face washes and shower gels.

Parabens, SLS, EDTA, BHT, PEG are only a few acronyms for the harsh, irritating, and skin-drying additives that many brands include in their products but that are thankfully absent from the traditionally-made French soaps my family had come to adore.

“Laurence,” I declared, “we need to bring French cold process soaps to everyone!” Together, we created Écrin de Fleur and today we share our passion for these wonderful skin products with you.


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