7 Vegan Gift Ideas for Plant and Health Lovers

7 Vegan Gift Ideas for Plant and Health Lovers - TRIVESA SRL

Finding vegan gift ideas can be a daunting task. The list of products that no vegan person would ever want to receive is long, and to offend them is the last thing you want to do.

To help you make the right choice, we have created a small guide of gifts for vegans. These ideas will make anyone who love nature and health happy.

Vegan make up

Make up used to be associated with cruelty on animals. Luckily, today this is not always the case. There are many brands that produce high-quality vegan make up for people who want to look good without harming anyone.

It also a matter of health. Vegan cosmetics don’t contain silicones, petrolatum, parabens and other not-so-good ingredients.

Empowering vegan gift ideas

When you believe in a cause, it’s nice to see that people close to you get it. There are several vegan gift ideas that can show your vegan friends that you care and make them feel empowered.

For example, you could pick an environmental organization and give its membership as a gift. Or you could adopt an animal or a tree long-distance.

Vegan soaps and body washes

Beautiful soaps are always a great gift idea. Why should it be any different in this case? You only have to make sure to choose the right product.

Being vegan is both about sustainability and health. And so is Écrin de Fleur. This collection of French certified organic soap bars is vegan ok, elegant and eco-friendly.

Écrin de Fleur only uses simple and plant-based ingredients, with no chemical or animal testing. This is also the reason why these soaps are suitable for all types of skin. Even the most delicate ones.

Vegan candles

After a stressful day, nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath surrounded by candles. Which is why it’s the perfect vegan gift idea.

You can find vegan candles in all shapes and sizes, made with plant-based ingredients and natural fragrances. Some of them even come in a pretty little packaging that would fill anyone with joy.

Eco beauty tools

Beauty needs tools. And, unfortunately, most of these tools are made with plastic or other eco-unfriendly materials.

Why not buy one that is environmentally friendly as a gift? For example, a set of make-up brushes made with recycled, organic or natural materials.

Vegan chocolate

Chocolate is always the right choice. Especially if it’s vegan, raw and sugar-free, but still delicious. If they have a sweet tooth, this is for sure one of the best vegan gift ideas.

To do something extra special, you could also choose a brand of vegan chocolate with an environmental cause. Like Rescue Chocolate, which donates 100% of its net profits to animal rescue organizations.

Vegan accessories

Who says that fashion and a plant-based lifestyle can’t coexist? Stars like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway have been photographed wearing beautiful faux leather and cruelty-free pieces on the red carpet.

From belts, to watches and bags, there are lots of vegan accessories that can make the perfect gift for a loved one.

Do you love the vegan lifestyle? Find out why you should only buy cruelty-free cosmetics.

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