Eco-Friendly Ski Destinations in Europe for Your Winter Holidays

eco-friendly ski destinations - Photo asoggetti on Unsplash

Are you planning your winter holidays? Remember that you can make a difference by choosing one of the best eco-friendly ski destinations in Europe.

Europe is renowned for its spectacular mountains, spotted with ski trails and stations that offer relax, fun and nature at its purest. Sustainability is also a big deal, with more and more structures that make an effort to go green. These are the ones that we have picked for you.

Avoriaz, France

Winner of the Environmental Award for Ecological Developments at the 2012 World Snow Awards in London, Avoriaz is truly committed the green cause. Located in the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area, it boasts 650 kilometers of trails surrounded by magnificent views that will take your breath away. This ski station has adopted several energy saving methods that include electric snowmobiles, energy efficient lighting, monitoring of fuel consumption and optimized snow production that uses as little water as possible. Plus, it is the only resort in France to be completely pedestrianized during winter since its opening in 1966.

Alto Adige, Italy

One of the northernmost regions in Italy, Alto Adige is famous for its beautiful alpine scenarios and contact with nature. Its vanguard sustainable policy have set the standard for other locations all around Europe, making it one of the best eco-friendly ski destinations. Just think that 98% of its ski areas use renewable energy sources to supply their facilities. As far as snow production, at the end of the ski season the water used in the process is released again in the natural cycle. It is no surprise that in 2011 the Val Senales glacier area won the Pro Natura-Pro Sky award.

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Saas Fee, Switzerland

Up on the highest mountains of Switzerland, Saas-Fee is a ski area that runs between 1.470 and 3.600 meters. At such altitude snow is a certainty (even in summer!) and in fact you can count on 145 kilometers of slopes.

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’ for its beauty, this location is also one of the greenest resorts in the world. In this car-free area, environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism is the only way. Awarded with the ‘Energy Town’ status by EnergieSchweiz, this pioneering community is successfully working towards carbon neutrality.

Saas Fee’s solution include electric buses and particle filters in wood burning heating systems.

Carinthia, Austria

Carinthia is a beautiful region in southern Austria. As part of it effort to be one of the eco-friendly ski destinations in Europe, it has developed a network of free skibus. This has played a major role in cutting traffic pollution, allowing tourists to conveniently and econ-friendly move throughout the entire region, including Ossiach, Villach and Faak.

Many towns and resorts have adopted eco-friendly polices. For example, Kötschach-Mauthen runs completely on renewable energy.

Chamonix, France

Would you like to ski on the famous Mont Blanc? Visit Chamonix for your winter holidays and you’ll have the change to do so. And if that’s not enough, this ski area also includes more than 170 ceilometers of ski slopes, 70 plants and a maximum altitude of 3842.

Chamonix is even more special because of its intention of cutting carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. How? Through several green initiatives thanks to which it has won the Flocon Vert award. Clearly, another incredible example of one of the best eco-friendly ski destinations in Europe.

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