Why Choose Organic Soap for Kids

Why Choose Organic Soap for Kids - TRIVESA SRL

Recently, more and more parents have been switching from antibacterial soap to organic soap for kids. This change in the consumer habits is about making an important choice. That is the safest skincare products for our small ones.

On this blog, we often talk about the benefits of certified organic skincare for sensitive skin in adults, but the same goes for children. In fact, they need even more protection than us, since their skin is the most delicate of all.

According to the National Eczema Association, atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema in children. It usually starts in early childhood and can be cause by external factors. For example, cosmetics that are too harsh, or contain alcohol or chemicals, are certainty among the major causes. That is why it’s important to buy the right product.

Chemical-free organic soap for kids

The main reason to choose certified organic soap for kids is that it is chemical-free. It is made only with plant-based ingredients and no artificial fragrance or preservative.

Being 100% natural, it is far more delicate on the skin than normal antibacterial soaps. Which is a necessity when it comes to sensitive skins. But there is more. Though more delicate, organic soap is extremely effective. It nourishes, moisturizes and soothes your baby’s skin, without irritating it.

How? We have nature to thank. Since organic skincare products contains plant-based ingredients and essential oils, they convey all the natural qualities of plants and flowers. In fact, there are plants like Aloe Vera that are known for their incredible properties for the skin.

Learning to read the label of skincare products for kids

The first step when buying organic soap for kids is to read its label to be sure that the product is in fact what it claims to be.

First of all, make sure that the soap is certified organic and not just “natural”. There is a great difference between the two. Certified organic soap indicates that the product is 100% organic, while a natural soap can simply contain a portion of natural ingredients.

For example, Écrin de Fleur is certified ECOCERT and Nature & Progres. These two certifications proof that our certified organic soaps are made of 100% plant-based ingredients and no chemical, according to a sustainable manufacturing process.

Another fundamental point in reading the label of organic soap for kids, is to double-check the order in which the ingredients are listed. In fact, they must appear in a decreasing order, meaning, the ingredients with the highest percentage first.

This way, you can easily tell what ingredients have been used the most, which is very indicative of the quality of the product.

Finally, you should pick skincare products based on your child’s skin type and needs. Each plant has specific qualities that can help dry or oily skin. While others are suitable for all kinds of skin.

Being informed on which ingredients are the best for your skin is important. Keep following our blog and Facebook page to be updated with new tips.

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