6 Easy Ways to Go Green Right Now

6 Easy Ways to Go Green Right Now - TRIVESA SRL

Change is made of small steps. And also of awareness. Especially on how to go green by introducing a few simple habits that can really make a difference. Our Planet needs us to change our ways, even slightly. To quote Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them”.

These are 6 easy ways to go green that you can apply starting from today.

Close the tap

Water is the most precious resource in the world, but for some reason it’s also the most misused. In fact, a family of three uses around 367 liters a day of water (source ccwater). To find out your water footprint, use this calculator.

You can limit water waste by closing the tap while you brush your teeth or apply soap and shampoo under the shower. You’d be surprise of the difference that this would make.

Support local farmers and producers

Food and other products travel. A lot. Your lunch could easily have 1,500 miles on it by the time it reaches your table. Which is a lot of energy, fossil fuels, carbon emissions and water waste for a snack.

Then, why not buying from local farmers and producers? Not only it would be an easy way to go green, but it would also mean fresher and more delicious food.

Choose the reusable bottle

According to the Guardian, England alone uses 38.5m plastic bottles each day. And most of the other countries are not different.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. We just need to replace plastic bottles with reusable ones. Simply, remember to take one with you when you leave your home to go to work, to the gym or to school.

Shoot for the Energy Star label

Sponsored by the Department of Energy and EPA, the Energy Star label certifies sustainable and energy-efficient household appliances. The next time you have to buy a new dishwasher or even a light bulb, look for this label to save some energy.

Go from paper to digital

Ah, the future. You still don’t see many flying cars floating around and there are zero holiday houses up for sale on Mars, but we do have the Internet.

One of the easiest – and most convenient! – ways to go green right now is to change the way you get your bills. You can pay anything digitally these days, which will cut paper use and many other sources of waste.

Shop green

Changing your shopping habits can have a great impact on the environment. Luckily, you can find an eco-friendly alternative to any product you use in your everyday life. From clothing, to cosmetics and furniture, inform yourself about the brands that you choose and the footprint of their products.

As you have just read, to help the Planet can be easy and quick.

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