Benefits of Cacao for the Skin and Health

Chocolate is not just deliciously irresistible, it can also be surprisingly healthy. The proof is in the incredible benefits of cacao for the skin and hair.

It has been proven that raw cacao beans contain many healthy qualities that are good for your body. This makes it both a powerful superfood and an extremely valid ingredient. Especially in skincare, where natural antioxidants are always welcome.

Where does cacao come from?

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which come from the fruit of a plant native of the deep rainforest regions of South and Central America. For example, Ghana and Ecuador. Once collected from the pods, the cacao beans go through a multiple steps processing that includes fermentation, drying, roasting, and grinding.

Now, having talked about ‘raw cacao’, a clarification is in order. To be considered raw, chocolate must be processed at low temperatures. This allows the beans to retain even higher levels of their properties and offer more of the benefits of cacao for the skin.

Main benefits of cacao for the skin

Cacao contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Including proteins, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Just to mention some.

With such a variety of nutritional values, cacao has many health benefits. And they are exactly what your skin needs.

Cacao is high in antioxidants and contains various bioactive phytochemicals. This means that it can block harmful free radicals in your body and help prevent many conditions. For example, premature aging.

According to a study published in the Journal of Investigating Dermatology, oral supplementation with cocoa extract reduces UVB-induced wrinkle formation and prevents UVB-induced collagen degradation.

Cacao beans also contains omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin C and magnesium. These elements are very important to protect the skin and can promote cellular healing.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of cacao for the skin is hydration and nourishment. It helps increase blood flow, making your skin glow and look younger.

Écrin de Fleur Chocolat soap

As part of its collection of certified organic soaps made in France, Écrin de Fleur has created the beautiful and luscious Chocolat soap.

Enriched with cacao butter and with aromatic notes of cacao, it’s a rich and naturally softening detergent. While it cleanses the skin, it nourishes it and conveys all the benefits of cacao for the skin.

Écrin de Fleur soap bars are chemical free and made only with plant-based ingredients. According to the ancient French soap making tradition, it is produced with cold processing. This is how it retains all the properties of the plants.

Being completely natural and organic, it’s very delicate and suits all skin types. Even sensitive skin.

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