The Latest Natural and Green Beauty Trends

The Latest Natural and Green Beauty Trends - TRIVESA SRL

At Écrin de Fleur, we love to keep you posted on the latest green beauty trends. Nature keeps surprising us with new plant ingredients, blends and properties, which we can all benefit from.

Let’s be honest: we all need a little help to look our best. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to overload our skin with chemicals and harsh products. There are plenty of organic and sustainable skincare and beauty solutions.

Find out the best green beauty trends

Natural exfoliants

Exfoliation is very important to get rid of dead cells and clogged pores. But it may come with a cost. In fact, artificial scrubs can be more harmful than useful. Not only they might irritate your skin, but the microbeads are extremely polluting for the ocean.

That is why one of the latest natural beauty trend is to find plant-based ingredients that work as exfoliants. For example, sugar and sea salt are really effective.

Crystal skincare are a thing

As out there as it may sound, crystals are the new big thing in cosmetics. So much so, that even The New York Times has written about it, talking about “the great crystal boom”.

Whether you believe in the power of crystals or not, this is arguably one of the biggest new green beauty trends. Experts in the field are confident that they can somehow utilize crystals to emit vibrations that are good for the skin. Besides, it’s nice to have a bit of sun – or moon – light in our lives.

The simpler, the better

Simple formulas are an important part of the future of skincare. People want to read a clear, short list of ingredients on the label. And even more so, they want to be able to understand what’s been written.

Luckily, the market is catching up with more and more companies producing cosmetics that only use organic ingredients. But simplicity doesn’t stop to the formula, this trend also involves the processing of the final product.

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Marine ingredients

Today, dryland is no longer the limit. Companies have started to look farther away for new miraculous natural ingredients. Or should we say deeper away?

More than 70% of the planet is covered by water. Although part of it is frozen, there is still a lot of ocean and sea left where to look for plants that we can benefit from. So, when you think about it, it makes sense to expect marine ingredients to be the new big green beauty trend.


Did you know that billions of bacteria live on your skin? Before you panic and try to scrub them off, know that they are good for you. In fact, they are crucial to maintain healthy and smooth skin.

These bacteria are called probiotics and they can be used as an ingredient in skincare products. And with surprisingly good effects.

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