Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Why You Should Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics - TRIVESA SRL

There is more to cruelty-free cosmetics than what you might think. In fact, the no animal testing factor is just one of the many benefits – although by far one of the most important – that you will get by making this choice.

When it comes to skincare and make-up, awareness is everything. You should always know what’s in the products that you buy and how they were made.

How else are you going to make sure of the ingredients that you put on your skin?

Read this article to find out why you should use cruelty-free cosmetics.

The cruelty is crueler than you think

Let’s start from the ethical, most evident reason: the cruelty towards animals. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the degree of distress that these creatures suffer during their life in the lab.

Cats, dogs, bunnies, primates: tens of thousands of these animals every year fall victim of this obsolete practice. I’m going to spare you the details, but pain and death are an intrinsic part of animal testing.

And yet, the cruelty is not necessary for high-quality cosmetics

Today we know thousands of safe natural ingredients. Which means that cosmetic companies have plenty to choose from, without the need of any new test.

On top of that, progress has given us some very valid alternatives to animal testing. For example, more and more companies are turning to in vitro testing, computer models and cultured cell tissues.

Not only these discoveries don’t involve any cruelty, but they are also safer and more efficient (source sciencedirect.com). Hence, you can create high-quality cosmetics without animal testing.

In fact, cruelty-free cosmetics are safer also for you

Cruelty-free cosmetics are more than an ethical matter. They are a safer and healthier choice.

Organic soaps and skincare only contain natural ingredients that are effective but very delicate. In this way, you can be sure that they will respect your skin, even though they haven’t been tested on animals.

This is the case of Écrin de Fleur. We don’t test our natural soaps on animals both because we don’t want to and we don’t need to. Our cruelty-free soaps are made with plant-based ingredients that are suitable for any type of skin. Even the most sensitive ones.

On the contrary, products that contain harmful chemicals need those extra tests. Why? Because they are a potential threat to your health.

Read the label

Now you know why you should buy cruelty-free cosmetics. And the good news is: you can even put an end to animal testing. That’s right, what you buy has an impact on the market. Just make sure that you are aware on what you choose.

The best way to do so, is to always read the label of products. Here, you’ll find all the information you need. Look for cruelty-free, vegan and high-quality products that are good for your skin and for the environment.

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