This selection is for citrus fruit lovers, with refreshing, calming and relaxing scents, like the Mediterranean breeze.


This organic handmade soap set could be for your own or is wrapped ready to ship as a gift for any occasions.



Mandarin soap: In addition to its signature Tangerine Essential Oil scent, the apricot oil can improve skin tone and the calendula flower is natural remedy for skin problems.


Lemon Soap:  The scent of essential oils from fresh lemon peel are fresh and the essential oils of litsea Cubeba has a strong lemon scent. The mixture of these two make this lemon soap has a very strong lemon scent. It gives skin a refreshing feeling almost close to cooling.


Mint Soap: This could be an All-IN-ONE men’s soap. If you want a simple solution, this soap could help and it is organic and environmental friendly. Without synthetical chemicals, this organic soap can create fine foam from natura ingredients. The refreshing scent will make the skin feel soothing after shaving. The green clay could deal with the oily skin and hair.




Mandarin Soap

Lemon Soap

Mint Soap 



Soap Box: 86x60x24mm

Soap*: 72x53x23mm, Weight: 3x100g

Soap set: 220x117x27mm, Weight: 335g

*Handmade product, dimensions and weight are approximately.




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