This selection is chosen for sensitive skin. All 3 soaps are mild soaps, free of essential oils and fragrances.


This organic handmade soap set could be for your own or is wrapped ready to ship as a gift for any occasions.



Shea Butter Soap made with 40% oils from organic raw shea butter. This is the most moistening and nourishing oils for skin.


Almond Soap is infused with organic sweet almond oil. Best for skin with problem.

Note: Sweet almond oil is odorless.


Chocolate Soap is made with cacao butter and cacao powder.  Cacao butter is a powerful antioxidant nutrition for skin.

Note: Cacao butter is odorless and pure cacao powder has a very weak chocolate scent.




Almond Soap 

 Chocolate Soap 

Shea Butter Soap




Soap Box: 86x60x24mm,

Soap*: 72x53x23mm, Weight: 3x100g

Soap set: 220x117x27mm, Weight: 335g

*Handmade product, dimensions and weight are approximately.






Shea Butter/Chocolat/Almond

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