This collection includes 3 unique liquid soaps made with typical French Riviera ingredients. Each has a position in your house:


Kitchen: Pure Olive Liquid Soap

Shortest ingredients, purest liquid soap, suitable for hand wash when you handle food at kitchen, suitable for washing dishes, pans and any cookware, left no chemicals and fragrance.


Toilets: Lavender Liquid Soap

       With both lavandin Grosso essential oils (Lavandin essential oils with strong and herbal scent) and Lavandula. angustifolia oil (English lavender essential oils with a floral and sweet scent), this genuine lavender liquid soap offers a true relaxing and clam scent from organic nature lavender essential oils in the toilets.


Bathroom: Citrus Liquid Soap

         The blend of the unique green mandarin essential oils with sweet orange essential oils brings a unique refreshing and sweet Mediterranean breeze to our Citrus Liquid Soap. Take a fresh and relaxing breath while washing hands or body.


SKIN: All skin types

AGE: All ages

APPLICATIONS: Hand, body, face wash. Men's short hair

SCENT: Natural Citrus scent




Package dimension: 210x215x75mm

Bottle size : Φ 69 x 200 mm, 500 ml a bottle ; 3 bottles in a box.




Pure Olive Liquid Soap


Lavender Liquid Soap


Citrus Liquid Soap





Set of 3 Liquid Soaps - Pure Olive, Lavender, Citrus 3X500ml

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