This collection is an organic handmade soap set for women, suitable for women’s face and body wash, soothing and moisturizing women’s delicate skin.


This organic handmade soap set could be for your own or is wrapped ready to ship as a gift for any occasions.



Shea butter soap: With the intensive raw shea butter content, shea butter soap is Écrin de Fleur’s most mild soap, giving skin a very gentle, soft touch. Some clients say they don’t need cream after washing with this shea butter soap.


Argan Soap: This soap is a very well-balanced soap in Écrin de Fleur’s soap collection. Infused with argan oil, cedar wood essential oil, Palmrosa essential oils, Tea Tree oil, Lemongrass essential oils, this argan soap is moisturizing to skin and the same time with a charming earthy, pine forest, yet refreshing scent.


Aloe Vera Soap: This soap is the most refreshing soap, though Aloe Vera juice in this soap doesn’t have a strong smell. The peppermint, and sweet orange essential oils, especially the nettle leaves, give this soap almost a grassy smell as if you are in a Garden just mowed.





Aloe Vera Soap

Argan Soap

Shea Butter Soap



Soap Box: 86x60x24mm

Soap*: 72x53x23mm, Weight: 3x100g

Soap set: 220x117x27mm, Weight: 335g

*Handmade product, dimensions and weight are approximately.






Argan/Shea Butter/Aloe Aera

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